The first step is to find out how you are doing. It could be that you have been pushing yourself to achieve your goals. And it can also be you are not achieving the levels of energy either in the gym, the office or simply at home.



An electrocardiogram is a non-invasive way to check your heart's rhythm and electrical activity. Whilst it can't detect all heart problems, it is the most common starting point and can help you decided if other tests could help.

Our team can even conduct them in your work place or gym. This makes group screening both

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An echo is an ultra sound scan of your heart.  It provides moving pictures of the heart to check the functioning of your heart. It works in the same way an ultrasound of an unborn baby gives useful pictures of a baby.

It's particularly good at checking valve function.



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Depending on factors such as lifestyle and family history, we can also measure your cardiac biomarkers. These are the enzymes, hormones and proteins that can tell you the amount of strain your heart has been under.

This is a great addition to add to your blood tests- if your context suggests is may be worth doing.



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