Offering a unique approach to wellbeing, health and performance in the South East. 




         WE APPLY THE LATEST APPROACHES TO Well being, RECOVERY AND PERFORMANCE normally reserved for elite performers SO THAT YOU CAN protect yourself and those you care about and redefine  success in 2023

Meeting your wellbeing and performance needs in 2023
Help adjusting to a Post-Pandemic World
How we work with you
Get a clear picture of your health
World class expertise on your doorstep
A collaboration of thought leaders

Meeting your wellbeing and performance needs in 2023. 


We have an innovative approach to helping you and your organisation meet your goals, so let's break down the elements of what we do.

We offer you great value health and wellbeing tests on site. We then explain the results and support you with world class coaching to set and achieve ambitiously achievable performance goals. We can run this with an individual focus but can also create a company/club wide effort. 


Help adjusting to the Post-Pandemic world

The last three years have highlighted the importance of health, wellbeing and performance AND that our old ways no longer work. 

Sadly, the strain on our health services has never been more pronounced, especially those services focusing on prevention or early warning.

This changing risk profile means our level of personal responsibility has to shift if we want to maintain or (ideally) enhance our wellbeing in a system where 4 month waits for routine tests are becoming all too common.

For people who are committed to taking much more control of their health, wellbeing and performance !


 How we work with you


We start with an online lifestyle and wellbeing assessment based on decades of research and experience of success in all fields.  

We then offer In person, onsite health assessments including blood tests and other health tests (even with ECGs and other deeper assessments).

Because we come to you at work or your local sports club,  we cut total testing times for you to minutes instead of hours. Even better, this also means we can offer amazing prices due to the cost saving that can come from testing large groups of people in one place on one day.

The support we offer can be online, in-person and  even one-to-one if you have the budget.   

We can combine all this and help run a company transformation program.   Sustained transformation most often requires a group, team or community. 

Get a clear picture of your  health. 

If you want to improve anything then it's essential to get a clear picture of reality.

The overwhelming majority of our clients take our tests as part of a wellbeing program and start with a lifestyle assessment (including an onsite ECG) and a 53 marker blood test. 

Our aim is the get the results to you within 48 hours. 

This gives an excellent overview of the key health indicators. After seeing these results we may then suggest additional tests so we minimise the chance of unnecessary tests. 

Some clients come in with a "Test everything!" attitude, but as we have access to over 16000 tests we recommend you don't do that! 

Depending on your performance goals, there may be other worthwhile tests such as our innovative 24hr lifestyle assessment with ECG level quaiity data. We can do other tests normally reserved for athletes. 


World Class Expertise on Your Doorstep


Whilst we are a new company, we have been doing this work for decades. Proactive HP was formed as a collaboration between leaders in their field. All of us have at least 20 years experience in our areas of speciality. Also, we have a much broader team of experts to help further if you need it.

Our team have experience helping elite performers in sports and business. We know how to help people deliver when titles are on the line. We've taken the most useful aspects of this work and found ways to deliver it cost effectively to normal people. 

This means that you can be sure of excellent diagnostics and results but also you have a fantastic team of performance experts to help you to achieve your goals - all on your doorstep in the South East. 


Imran Khan

Imran founded our test partner TransformNow in 2013 following a varied career in health related fields including work with the UN and UNICEF.

A successful athletic career and a habit of collecting academic qualifications the way others collect shoes make him uniquely qualified to help those committed to excellence.

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan has helped some of the world's top companies and performers. His unique approach to thriving in stressful situations became a critically acclaimed book in 2013.

With a reputation for spotting future trends, he was the world's first Esports performance director and has been specialising in high challenge situations for over a decade.